Karantina's Central Drug warehouse rehabilitation is part of the UN, EU and WB Reform, Recovery & Reconstruction Framework launched in response to Beirut blast.

The Ministry of Public Health Central Drug Warehouse (MoPH-CDW) at Karantina is the major warehouse facility handling the reception, storage, and distribution of MoPH acute and catastrophic medications and vaccines, with a distribution network of more than 1,000 centers servicing more than one-half the population that are uninsured and eligible for the MoPH programs in addition to displaced Syrians.

Following the Beirut Port explosions, the UN took the lead in the rehabilitation and improvement of the deteriorated MoPH-CDW under the World Health Organization's standards. The support led to an increase in storage capacity from 3000 m3 to 8000 m3 through two-level warehouses. These improvements will lead to better supply, storage, and dispensing mechanisms with fewer interruptions in stocks.

Reconstruction of Karantina drug warehouse after the Beirut blast. © WHO, 2021
 Reconstruction of Karantina drug warehouse after the Beirut blast. © WHO, 2021

The UN also helped establish nine cold rooms and two refrigeration rooms. The provided support led to an environment-friendly, innovative, and sustainable solar panel system serving as an emergency source of electricity. This system, its inverters, and batteries complement EDL and fuel-generated electricity.

Strengthening the MoPH pharmaceutical supply system, upgrading the storage facilities, and implementing an updated logistic management software of MoPH will ensure access to medications, vaccines, and supplies for more than 2,000,000 patients and beneficiaries.