Minister of Electricity and Water has committed to reinvigorating the technical coordination led by the ministry. 3RF criteria will be in place, because reforms will be the focus of these discussions, and civil society will be included.

The 3RF stands ready to support this technical coordination to be an effective platform to make progress on reforms.


  1. A comprehensive financing plan is prepared to underwrite the water sector recovery plan and close the gap between collected revenues and the actual costs experienced by the water establishments, for the period until the establishments have achieved full cost recovery.
  2. As part of this financing plan, and taking into account further changes to the economic situation since the water sector recovery plan was prepared, tariffs for potable water and wastewater be adjusted and applied
  3. Social protection measures be taken to support most vulnerable families who might struggle to cope with increased tariffs
  4. Approval of the National Strategy and set up the national water council
  5. Launching of the preparation of the decrees and provisions of the water law and their swift approval.