With the 3RF having for sector objective an independent, effective, accountable, and accessible justice system, the 3RF Justice Working Group has been from its establishment reform and policy focused. It met three times in 2022 in its wide composition, with a fourth targeted meeting dedicated to an exchange with civil society organizations. The 3RF Justice Working Group not only responds to the need for a coordinated approach among sector stakeholders on justice sector reform but can also more broadly serves as a platform to promote coordination and complementarity of actions between national and international stakeholders, with the view of supporting authorities in the development and implementation of a uniform approach to the reform of the justice sector.

More specifically, the Justice Working Group foresees continuing to coordinate and support reform and policy actions, which fall under the cross-cutting themes:

1. Independence and accountability of the judiciary:

Adopt, through a transparent process inclusive of civil society, the:

  • Draft law on the independence of judicial courts
  • Draft law on the independence of administrative courts
  • Draft law on the independence of financial courts

2. Efficiency and transparency of the justice system:

Strengthen bodies overseeing the justice system, including the:

  • High Judicial Council
  • Inspection Authority
  • State Council

3. Access to justice

  • Institutionalization of legal aid
  • Legal framework around judicial and non-judicial mediation
Minutes of meeting
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