The electricity sector in Lebanon is vital for the recovery of the Lebanese economy. The 3RF WG is the only forum that exists in this sector, bringing together the Ministry of Electricity and Water and Electricite du Liban (EDL), technical expertise from civil society and international partners.

The purpose is to receive feedback from a wider range of stakeholders on government and donor plans, before these are finalized, and so improve implementation and applicability to the Lebanese situation.


  1. Support energy strategy so that cabinet can approve (IMF prior action 10). Including EDL cost recovery plan (new tariff, reduce losses) and evolving towards efficient transmission system operator and creditworthy single buyer.
  2. Outline longer term technical solutions, business model, regulatory framework and funding for electricity sector. This includes discussion of the establishment of Electricity Regulatory Authority.
  3. Regarding regulations and funding, identify action to be taken now:
    • Refurbishment of NCC and the inclusion of the necessary technologies (including network reinforcements to accommodate increased renewable energy) and mobilize investment in utility scale renewable energy (cash waterfall approach or liquidity support) that would leverage decentralized renewable energy in the refurbishment.
    • Update of the decentralized renewable energy law to include more renewable energy-friendly provisions such as lease-to-own and/or pay-as-you-go schemes. Afterwards, speed up its ratification by the parliament.
    • Before decentralized renewable energy law is passed, discuss what can be done to feed a functional grid (e.g. by operating as “standalone mini-grid”).
    • Increase the staffing level of the net-metering committee to speed up the net-metering review and approval process
    • Approve net-metering applications submitted my medium-voltage customers.
    • Energy efficiency law.
  4. Support the renewable energy sector to allow for private sector investment, with an integrated approach including policies to be changed, tariff re-considered, legal set-up.