To promote a different way of working, the 3RF adopts a participatory approach with the active engagement of the government, civil society, the private sector as well as development partners. It is also guided by the overarching principles of transparency, accountability, and inclusion.

Partnership Collage

consultative group & independent oversight board

The 3RF governance structure includes a Consultative Group (CG), an Independent Oversight Board (IOB), and a dedicated Secretariat.

The 3RF Consultative Group comprises representatives of the Government of Lebanon, Lebanese civil society, the European Union, the United Nations, the World Bank and international donors. Together they monitor progress, prioritize dialogue and give strategic direction to the reforms and activities under the 3RF.

The Independent Oversight Board serves as an independent mechanism to oversee the implementation and financing of the 3RF and to hold all stakeholders accountable for overall progress. Three civil society representatives have been appointed to this board, namely: Kulluna Irada, Lebanese Transparency Association – No Corruption and Maharat Foundation.


The 3RF envisages a two-phase financing strategy that acknowledges the critical role that grant resources need to play in bridging the gap between immediate humanitarian assistance and future financing for reconstruction.


The Lebanon Financing Facility (LFF) is a multi-donor trust fund established by the World Bank, in close cooperation with the United Nations and the European Union and with support from key donors. It aims to pool and align grant resources, while strengthening financing coherence and supporting 3RF’s priorities.

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