3RF Anti-Corruption, Public Financial Management, Public Procurement, Civil Service and Public Administration Reform Working Group:

The objective of this working group is to promote the transparent, accountable, and inclusive governance of Lebanon’s economic and social resources, across three strategic priorities: (i) public financial management (PFM) and public procurement; (ii) Anti-Corruption, integrity, and transparency; and (iii) civil service reform. This working group includes representatives from the newly established Public Procurement Authority (PPA) and the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC). This working group serves as a policy dialogue among all stakeholders to discuss and assess needs, and interventions, and provide a platform of coordination between all stakeholders. Key actions include supporting the development of an e-procurement platform, monitoring compliance with access to information law, supporting the National Anti-Corruption Commission, and supporting actions that enable civil society to become better informed and empowered.


Minutes of meeting:

Anti-corruption, Public Financial Management, Public Procurement and Civil Service Reform Working Group Minutes of Meeting 11th January 2024


Intervention from Dr. Joe Maloof, Commissioner, National Anti-Corruption Commission, 11th January 2024

World Bank Comments 11th January 2024

Sector Updates:

The National Anti-Corruption Commission is key in preventing, fighting and exposing corruption in Lebanon. While the law enacting its creation took effect in 2020, its members were only appointed in 2022. After a wait of almost two years, its internal regulations and organizational structure were approved by the State Council in January 2024. While it can now start recruiting its staff to perform its main functions, the Commission still requires the appropriate technical and financial support to be fully operational. 
Learn more about the National Anti-Corruption Commission in this infographic. 

NACC infographic


Hereafter the Arabic version of the infographic:

NACC infographic Arabic